Miss Sara

Nothing like a mountain to beach photo shoot in one day. One has to love the perks of being in Southern California. The beautiful Sara is graduating this summer from Quartz Hill HS. She is an amazing dancer and full of life. Spending the day with Sara was so much fun and I am excited to see what the future holds for her. <3

Miss Clarissa

What could possibly be better than taking photos of a senior?  How about taking photos of a senior that dances! <3I was so honored and privileged when asked to photograph these senior images. Clarissa leaves soon to dance with a prestigious ballet company in just a couple short weeks.  She has been dancing since she a was a little girl.  The biggest impact on her dance career, aside from her parents support, was her first ballet teacher.  In the first image you will see three sets of shoes.  The first belonging to Clarissa's teacher, the second, Clarissa's first pair of ballet shoes and Miss Clarissa in her pointe shoes. We never know the impact we place on a child's life until they are grown.....



Definition of Emergence: The process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.  The process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent....

There seems to come a point in life where individuals decide to change their life.  Whether it is to become healthier, stronger, loose weight, travel more, start a new hobby, change jobs, etc. it can be a scary process.  I have been fortunate over the last eight months to be a part of such amazing changes.  A place where people of all ages, sizes and athletic capabilities come together to make the lifestyle change to become a healthier and stronger person. 

While working at The Camp Transformation Center and getting to really know the people who go there, I started to realize that many of the females, and males, had a hard time accepting the newer them.  Weight loss is funny, we get excited when we see the weight fall off, but there seems to be a disconnect between the eyes/mind and knowledge that one is becoming smaller...some still see the overweight self.  This is unacceptable.  All that hard work deserves to be brought to the spotlight so people can see exactly how strong they have become, what changes have been made and how beautiful they are inside and out!

I joined with up with some local talent, who attend The Camp, to bring together a photo shoot.  A shoot where women could come together and be pampered.  So many mothers and wives don't take the time to do anything for themselves...I wanted these women to see just how strong and beautiful they are.  With Shannon Hoffman on hair, Tiffanie Johnson on makeup and myself behind the lens, we gave these women an afternoon they would not forget.  Together these ladies have lost over 180lbs!!

More photos from this amazing afternoon!


It hardly seems like it has been a year since this little man was born.  I remember holding him when he was just days old and taking some of his first photos.  Now, he is one and nothing but smiles, energy and full of love.  Even got a baby cuddle from him as our session came to a close.  I gotta say, that is one of the greatest feelings ever!  Thank you Ben and Shelly for sharing your morning with me! xoxo